Why your vote counts

Voting rights are the cornerstone of our democracy, and voting the fundamental “operating system” of the American republic. But significant challenges to voting rights today threaten to hold back democracy on the electoral and legislative level.

More and more, we see election results with razor-thin margins: Democracy in action can mean that elections are decided by the equivalent of randomly tossing a coin or, in 2000, by a controversial Supreme Court decision.

Source: https://www.evcnational.org/why-every-vote-counts


Ivan Taylor has deep roots in the community, and has long been dedicated to serving it. Among their many commitments, they have been very active with several community organizations in Anchorage and the Matsu Valley. Ivan is the eldest of three boys, taking the brunt of responsibility. Caring for others and hard work has always been their strong suit. "The long road is worth the trip". Ivan is also a loving husband to his wife, Virginia, of 15+ years with two beautifully smart children. To learn more about Ivan and their goals and beliefs, explore the site, and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Social Media

In today's world, we are all easily connected across the country though social media. We share our thoughts, feelings, opinions, and life milestones easier and faster than ever before. Through these mediums, I hope to connect with everyone across Alaska so we can share our ideas, thoughts, and life milestones easier.

Show Your Support

It takes tremendous community support to achieve political goals, and volunteers are at the very heart of our mission. Whether you want to help plan the next event, or would simply like to make a monetary contribution to Ivan Taylor and their political efforts, get in touch today and see how you can start working towards a better tomorrow.